Season is Over

Our berry season is definitely over ,although we had two calls this morning asking  when they can come and pick berries . Definitely not until next year.

We still have a limited supply of saskatoons and a dwindling supply of frozen raspberries remaining in the freezer but they are going fast so if you want them please call in advance to make sure they are still available. Honey berries or hascaps as they are also called are sold out.

Tonia in the midst of making green tomato chow , pickled beets, bread and butter pickles garlic dills , and jam for the new season. She is taking orders for our we make you bake frozen pies again and asks that you order at LEAST one to two weeks in advance to allow time to make up the order. With all the other work to catch up on it doesn't leave much time for special orders so she tries to combine orders to save time. Easier to make twelve at a time than it is to make one twelve separate times.

Although our farm is closed for the season as far as fresh veggies and berry picking we are still open for jams , jelly, frozen berries  and if ordered Frozen Pies, just give us a call at 780 387-5466 to ensure that we have stock  available and that we are at the farm for pick up.

Til next time

Bye for now



Season Update

Hi again

Another season come and gone,saskatoon picking all over for another year. Season actually ended about a week ago for both saskatoons and raspberries but the diehards are still calling and asking if they can come and pick berries. Don't know how to respond other than to say if you haven't picked them by now you will have to wait until next year.

We do have a limited supply of frozen berries that are available throughout the winter months.

One thing I would like  to ask of our customers who have placed orders for our products is to PLEASE pick them up . We are holding a number of orders for pies and jams that have not been picked up  for one reason or another  and have a number of other customers who are more than willing to take them. So please, if you have placed an order call and cancel or arrange for pickup as soon as possible.

We still have some vegetables available at the farm kiosk as well as jams , jelly and our last case of chow.

We will be open from 10 am until 4 pm Tuesday through Saturday, closed Sunday and Monday. As of the 30 th. August we will no longer be accepting debit cards however we will still be accepting Visa and Master card through out the year .We will be closing our on site kiosk on Sunday the 3 rd.of September.

We have attended our last farmers market for this year. We look forward to attending the Arber Christmas Craft Sale on Sat 4 th Nov from 9 am -4 pm and the Mulhutst Christmas Craft Sale on the Sat Dec 2nd. from 10 am - 4 pm and Sun Dec 3rd. from 11 am - 3 pm. and hope to see you there.

Til next time



Farm Update

Hi again

The berry season is over for another year. Can't believe how many berries the saskatoon bushes produced this year. In a normal year we see an average of nine to fifteen berries in a cluster,however this year they outdid themselves. In some of the clusters we counted as high as eighteen  to twenty one berries and all fully formed. Haven't seen a crop like this in years. Raspberries were also above average this year with the bushes producing a heavy crop well into August. Although the fresh berries are no longer available ,we still have a good supply of frozen berries available.

Our garden outdid itself as well with an excellent season for almost everything planted. We still have some fresh veggies at the farm, beets , carrots , cabbage ,potatoes , leeks ,dill  and slicing cucumbers. We have cut back on our farmers markets as our season comes to a close.

Tonia has been busy catching up to orders for her frozen pies and has started on this years supply of saskatoon and fresh raspberry jams as well as all the other preserves she manages to make for the coming markets. All of which will be available on site at the farm through out the year.

Til next time



Still Picking

Well the local hailstorm missed us again but did drop some water on the berries with the result that we still have some berries for picking. Granted ,they are fewer and somewhat drier than when they are in their prime, they are still excellent for  jams , jelly and wine making.

For those who missed the picking season we do have a limited supply of  frozen saskatoons available on a first come basis.

WE  still have vegetables, carrots beets , leeks , kale. slicing cucumbers and some beautiful cabbage in the garden

With the season coming to an end we are changing our hours of operation starting on Tuesday the 15 August.

Our new hours are as follows



We will be closing for the season on the 2nd of September.

Pie orders will be taken and confirmed  by phone for September pickup.

Til next time



End of berry season

Hello again

Well it looks like mother nature has given us some wonderful weather to finish off the summer,however in doing so she has effectively put an end to the berry season. With the warm weather . 25 to 28 degrees over the past week and more forecast to come in the coming week ,the berries have started to dry out very quickly. We are DOWN TO THE STAGE OF SELECTIVE PICKING. This means that the berries are still there for picking but not by the handful as they have been for the past month.  With the hot weather the berries start going soft and then dry out completely,however some large juicy berries still linger in the bushes for those willing to take the time to search them out.

For those who do not have the patience to pick at this late stage or those who have procrastinated and missed the season we do have a LIMITED supply of frozen berries that will carry them through the winter.

We will no longer be attending the farmers markets for this season and those who wish to purchase jams, jelly , green tomato chow or frozen pies are asked to call or come to the farm to place your order.

We still have potatoes,red and white ,leeks ,carrots ,beets ,and some of the nicest cabbage you will see as well as slicing cucumbers and dill. We do not have any pickling cucumbers as these have already been pre ordered and sold.

At this point I would like to thank all of our customers for their support at our farm and a special thank you to the lady who posted a wonderful review of our farm on face book.

Hoping to see you at the farm before we close for the season.

All the very best



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