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Pipestone Berry Farm is located approximately thirty five miles south west of the city of Edmonton at the junction of Hwy 795 and RR # 472A. We have a U-Pick-  We- Pick berry farm with a fresh garden market in season.
Pipestone Berry Farm started as a retirement acreage,on ten acres of prime farm land, purchased in November 1996.
In1997 a new house was constructed and from 1998 thru 2000 the land was cleaned and prepared for what was then an unknown crop.
In 2000 we purchased and planted  two hundred northline saskatoon plants which were the start of our berry farm.
In 2001 we purchased and planted an additional 1000 Martin and 1000 Thiessen saskatoon plants as well as propagating an additional 3000 Northline plants.

These were planted in two hundred foot rows approximately eighteen feet apart giving us over one and one half miles of saskatoons. Three varieties of saskatoons provide our customers with a choice of berries to suit their tastes as well as providing us the security of having some protection from loss due to diseases or other causes.

Berry Farm

Pipestone Berry Farm started as a retirement acreage,on ten acres of prime farm land, purchased in November 1996.

The areas between the rows were planted to playground grass to provide a clean and pleasant picking area for our customers.
Since that time we have we have transplanted some of our original raspberry plants into ten ,one hundred foot rows and added fifty Hascap  (Honeyberry) plants to our product line.
A former garden shed was enlarged and converted to an on site kiosk , complete with fridge ,freezers scales ,wired for power and telephone  and a large area was set aside for parking for customers.
Picnic benches and on site facilities are available, set in a park like area for those customers who wish to have a full  day outing as well as those who just want fresh berries or vegetables.
Transportation to and from the berry picking area is available for those requiring assistance and is provided by staff driven golf carts.
Our farm has become a pride to us and a delight and pleasure to our customer.

We have three varieties of saskatoons as follows:

Martin one of the earlier fruit bearing saskatoons, Large appley flavor excellent eating fresh off the bush, for desserts, jams and jelly etc.  Berry grows one half to three quarters of an inch in diameter.
Thiessen Slightly later blooming, has a woodsy flavor similar to the wild saskatoon,excellent for desserts, pies, jams etc.

Northline  Latest blooming, Our favorite for our We Make--U Bake pies
Excellent flavor, freezes very well with no loss of flavor or color.  Makes excellent jams, jelly and syrup.

Our berries are sold through our on site kiosk and through local farmers markets as well as various specialty markets throught the local area.
Our customers have a choice of hand picking berries in our park like setting or purchasing them prepicked at out kiosk.
All our prepicked berries are handpicked by local pickers,hired on a daily or seasonal period. This ensures that only those berries  at the peak of their ripeness and flavor are selected and none are damaged.
We freeze a limited supply of saskatoons, raspberries and hascaps  for sale through the year as well as for making our jams, jellies and pies.
We provide sugar free jams and jelly's using stevia as a sweetener for those with diabetes and others on restricted diets.
Our customers have purchased our products for their enjoyment as well as for gifts for friends throughout the world.

The Farm

Farm Products

Our home made products are:

  • Jams
  • Jellys
  • Condiments
  • Syrup
  • Frozen Crumbles

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