Pipestone Berry Farm

Pipestone Berry Farm is located approximately thirty five miles south west of the city of Edmonton at the junction of Hwy 795 and RR # 472A. We have a U-Pick-  We- Pick berry farm with a fresh garden market in season.

Pipestone Berry Farm started as a retirement acreage,on ten acres of prime farm land, purchased in November 1996.
In1997 a new house was constructed and from 1998 thru 2000 the land was cleaned and prepared for what was then an unknown crop.
In 2000 we purchased and planted  two hundred northline saskatoon plants which were the start of our berry farm.
In 2001 we purchased and planted an additional 1000 Martin and 1000 Thiessen saskatoon plants as well as propagating an additional 3000 Northline plants.
These were planted in two hundred foot rows approximately eighteen feet apart giving us over one and one half miles..read more

Our Garden

Due to the relatively short growing season in this area of Alberta,vegetables that require a longer growing season are hand planted indoors in February and transplanted after the last frost, to our cold frames or directly into

our garden site. All our garden vegetables are herbicide and pesticide free,irrigated to promote growth and fertilized using natural fertilizers.Cold weather vegetables, such as potatoes ,carrots , beets etc. are planted in the garden area as soon as the frost leaves the ground, usually mid April.

This allows us to harvest some vegetables earlier than normal. Depending on the weather conditions we normally have a full complement of garden greens and vegetables by mid to late June.
Spinach, chard,lettuce and  baby carrots are usually the earliest products available in our garden..read more

The Farm

Farm Products

Our home made products are:

  • Jams
  • Jellys
  • Condiments
  • Syrup
  • Frozen Crumbles

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